Field Champions

Field Champions

Hear from our team this week as they talk about what drives them in our journey at Action Against Hunger!

"I am Sabiha Shaikh and I work for Action Against Hunger. Working on community health is something that is close to my heart. I want people to recognize us through our work. Together with my team, I am confident we will reach out to every acutely malnourished child and help them recover. I will keep trying my best to reach out to yet more pregnant women, children and families to end malnutrition."

- Sabiha Shaikh, Govandi.

"I want to bring change in the community, especially in terms of health, hygiene and sanitation. With Action Against Hunger I got the opportunity to bring about that change by understanding and learning from experts on how to reach out to people affected by malnutrition and educate them. I was able to train, equip and share my passion with others working towards the common goal."

- Sabiha Shaikh, Govandi.

- Nandan Bala Rathore, Govandi.

"I have been working with Action Against Hunger for more than 2 years now. Getting to see the children we refer to the NRC’s (Nutritional Rehabilitation Centres) come back all healthy and strong give me immense happiness. I feel proud of the fact that I get to bring about a change in the lives of pregnant and lactating women by educating them on maternal and child nutrition."

- Nitin Patil, Burhanpur.

“I joined Action Against Hunger when it started its operations in Burhanpur. I started as a Community Health and Nutrition Worker (CHNW). Through Action Against Hunger, I got to learn about malnutrition and its effects. I have been able to further educate families affected by malnutrition and help them defeat this fatal condition. I am happy to have been able to work here for more than 5 years.”

- Kaveeta Patel, Burhanpur.

“Through Action Against Hunger I’ve learnt how to connect with communities to bring about a positive change. It has been a great platform for me to understand and educate communities on health care and nutrition. I want to continue working on tackling malnutrition and reaching out to families affected by malnutrition.”

- Foranti Prajapat, Community Mobilizer. Baran – Rajasthan

“I am Laxminarayan Verma and I have been working with Action Against Hunger for more than two years now. I initially learned from the team the nuances of understanding community behaviour and tailoring my communication methods accordingly. Gradually communities and families started co-operating with me and I was able to educate them and equip them with necessary knowledge on hygiene practises, child care and nutrition. My teams support has been invaluable in helping me grow and I love working with them."

- Laxminarayan Verma, Community Mobilizer. Baran – Rajasthan

“I am a resident of Mokhada, Palghar and have been working with Action Against Hunger on tackling malnutrition since 2016. I have been in the social development sector for a long time now but had only read about malnutrition previous earlier. A malnourished child, fighting for its life is a soul stirring sight that compels you into action.
Our team visits every hamlet and village of the area we work in, screen children for signs of malnutrition and provide them with therapeutic food to help them be healthy and strong.
On behalf of my entire team I pledge to bring down the prevalence of malnutrition in Palghar in the coming months.”

- Narendra Chaudhari , Palghar

“There has been a high prevalence of malnutrition in my district (Palghar) and over the years quite a few children have fallen prey to this fatal condition. These are our own children. I want to see my district getting rid of malnutrition. I wish to see our children grow up healthy and strong and therefore I love that I get to do with Action Against Hunger. Being a resident of this district I can easily connect with the local population through their dialects. I help them understand the factors leading to malnutrition, how to prevent it and curative measure to undertake. It is the joy parents feel, when they see their children recovering, that drive me day after day.”

- Lalita Patil , Palghar

“It’s been 3 years since I joined Action Against Hunger. The culture of working independently and without the restrictions of rigid structures is what motivates me to give my 100% for my community. Action Against Hunger keeps providing me with a plethora of opportunities to grow.”

- Dinesh Bari – Field Supervisor. Dhar, Madhya Pradesh.

“I enjoy working with Action Against Hunger. I feel very happy when we help malnourished children recover by reaching out to their families and communities. Every child that grows up healthy and strong because of us is a huge reward in itself. I receive a lot of support from my team members and the foundation.”

- Sachin Mandloi- Community Mobilizer. Dhar, Madhya Pradesh.