John Abraham joins hands with us to fight hunger


We are delighted to get the support of Bollywood actor and film producer  Mr. John Abraham in our fight to end child hunger in India.

Mr Abraham was interviewed by RJ Hrishi K of 94.3 Radio One channel on World Food Day, where he shared his views on the importance of good nutrition in the initial years of a child’s life, and how it shapes his behaviour and mental make-up when he grows up.

In John’s own words, ‘’The aim of Action Against Hunger is to make sure that there are zero, absolutely zero children suffering from severe acute malnutrition.”

He highlighted the threat of malnutrition that can affect a child’s development . “Both physical and mental skill development gets adversely affected resulting in worst school performances. Such children will become parents and pass it on to the next generation. We cannot afford to have an India where our children do not grow up healthy because of lack of nutrition. We can be the generation that ends malnutrition in India.”

He appealed to his listeners and fans to log on to and click on Donate Now or else write to

“I would like to support Action Against Hunger in every possible way. It resonates with me and is very close to my heart’’, were his closing words in this show.


I would like to save children's lives today