Monitoring health through technology.

06 January 2020

The key to successfully treating malnutrition in children is early detection. Timely treatment and corrective measures can prevent irreversible damages and growth delays that acute malnutrition results in.


06 January 2020

My name is Ranjeeta Rajbhar and I am from Mumbai. My grandfather, with my father who was a child, came to Mumbai roughly 50 years ago from Banaras and my immediate family has been here  since then. I was born and brought up in Bainganwadi in Mumbai. My father dropped out of school after his 3rd grade while mother did no go to school. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers and we have always been close.


29 November 2019

In all folklores, there’s always someone who stands up in times of need, bends the story arc and is celebrated as the hero. 3 year old Aasu from Palghar found her hero and her light, both literally and metaphorically, in her own sister, Roshni. 


29 November 2019

My name is Thakurlal Koli and I am from Baran, Rajasthan. I live in a large, joint family of 13 members which includes my parents, 2 children, wife, my three younger brothers and their families as well. My father is a farmer and while my mother has been a homemaker, she lends my father a helping hand on the farm too. I completed my schooling in Shahabad (a block in the district of Baran) and graduated from the University of Kota.


12 November 2019

My name is Vishakha. I was born, and spent my childhood, in Karnataka. My father was a Government employee and I am his only child. I got married when I was 15, came to Mumbai in 1999 and made Govandi our home. Initially I was a homemaker but our financial condition forced me to stand on my own feet. After a couple of years of living in Mumbai, it so happened that we fell short on our monthly rent by Rs. 500.


12 November 2019

At the end of a narrow lane in the transit camp slum pocket is where Noorjahan’s lives. There’s a good chance you’d miss the nondescript structure made out of 4 tin walls and a tin roof, for the garbage dump it sits on. But what makes this unlikely structure a home for Noorjahan, are her 4 children.