At Action Against Hunger, we have realized that a collaborative effort is the only way we can fulfill our commitment to eradicate the menace of malnutrition. We are keen on teaming up with organizations with a CSR strategy aligned with our goals.

Our approach is to engage people who feel passionate about dealing with this national crisis and join hands with us in working towards the eradication of malnutrition. We provide a wide range of employee engagement activities, ranging from visiting the beneficiaries to helping them with the establishment of kitchen garden to helping the children develop life skills. Details of these options are elaborated in sections below.

The objective of the employee engagement activities is to build a strong connection between those who are willing to contribute towards a social cause and those who are in need. These activities leave the employees feeling highly motivated and satisfied as they are able to see the difference they have made in the lives of others.


Visit Action Against Hunger’s project area and interact with the beneficiary families.

Paint the wall of an Outpatients Treatment Centre to create a favourable environment for children.

Engage in simple activities with malnourished children to help them develop their motor skills.

Help children run for a cause in schools.