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7 out of 10 child deaths in India, under 5 years of age, are caused by malnutrition. A condition that is treatable if detected in time and preventable through simple measures. You donation will give these children a fighting chance!

Good nutrition leads to a healthy life!

Children who receive wholesome nutrition in their beginning years are likely to be protected from malnutrition and remain healthy for the rest of their lives. They are less likely to contract possible fatal diseases, more likely to go to school and grow up to be productive and self-dependent adults. Unfortunately, children from tribal families are often deprived of wholesome nutrition due to lack of access to nutrition and seasonal migration.


Investing in good nutrition does not just save lives, but also builds a bright future for our children and the country. According to a World Bank report, every one rupee invested in nutrition gives a return of 16 rupees.

Provide good nutrition to children.

We work with tribal and migrating families and help them raise their children to be healthy. We provide treatment and nutritional support to malnourished children by connecting them with treatment centres, enable families to access to wholesome nutrition through backyard vegetable gardens and counsel parents on various health and sanitation practises.


In 2021 – 22, our work has led to over 10,000 malnourished children receiving treatment and 60,000 pregnant and new mothers following good health and sanitation practices in 560 villages. With your donation, we can reach out to much more children and give them a healthy future.

You can join us in our work!

Children found to be malnourished are referred to treatment centres and, in some geographies, provided Energy Dense Nutrition Supplements (EDNS), a 15-day supply of which costs merely Rs. 600 while Rs. 5000 ensures the complete recovery of a malnourished child. A backyard vegetable garden for a tribal family cost Rs. 2500 and helps them access wholesome nutrition the year round while education mothers and fathers of a child’s nutritional needs costs as less as Rs. 100 for a group of 10.


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For over four decades, Action Against Hunger has led the global fight against hunger, right from the ground up. Our work has impacted the lives of 15 million individuals, through a network of 7100 humanitarian professionals across 50 countries. In India, our operations from the grassroots upwards, are focused on taking decisive action against the causes and effects of malnutrition. We equip people with knowledge and awareness so that they can see their children grow up strong, and for whole communities to prosper.


Join us in this journey to make India a Zero Hunger nation.