Rajkumari's Story

10 months old Rajkumari Shariya could hardly whimper as we placed her on a weighing scale, to detect if she was acutely malnourished. We did not wait to see the measurement, as it was evident that this little girl was an emergency case and was severely malnourished. Her weight was far less than average and one could see the pain in her eyes, due to her inability to swallow food. If not treated immediately, she was in danger of not surviving.

Our staff at Action Against Hunger counselled her parents about her critical situation and the need to admit her to the Malnutrition Treatment Centre in neighbouring district of Baran, Rajasthan. It took nine days for her to recover. We provided the family with food baskets that included a month’s ration of rice, lentils, cooking oil, sugar and some milk powder. The mother was also counseled on nutritious cooking recipes.

Over a period of one month she showed tremendous improvement and we were happy to see her crawling around her backyard. To our utter despair, a few months later, in the month of September 2014, her parents got busy with  the harvest season and neglected her, making Rajkumari slip back into being acutely malnourished once again. We immediately rushed her to the MTC . This time it took her 20 days to recover. The family now understand the importance of  care practices, and maintaining sanitation and hygiene through the year.

Today Rajkumari is healthy, happy and has celebrated her first birthday with other toddlers her age.  We wish her a healthy life ahead !


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