International fund raising events conducted in schools, where children run for a cause. They get sponsorship for each lap they take and the fund collected goes towards the treatment and prevention of malnutrition.

The event takes place in two phases as per the school’s convenience in the school premises. The first phase is a sensitization program which is followed by the run in the second phase. 

a) Sensitisation Program (Day 1 3-4 Hours)


The employees can engage the students by conducting an awareness-raising session which focuses on prevention of malnutrition and show them the video on our nutrition programs. Interested employees, in groups of 2, will be provided with a standard presentation from Action Against Hunger to address the school children. They are also free to use their creativity to design a quiz or ice breaker for engaging these students.

b) Conducting the Run (Day 2 5-6 Hours)


Employees in a group of 5-8, would need to dress up the venue with standard pictures, posters and banners of AAH to create an enthusiastic environment. The students are grouped based on their class and the numbers of laps taken by the students are marked.


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