In a remote village in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh lives 2 year old Shyam with his 4 siblings, parents and grandparents. It is quite a sight to see Shyam all happy and giggly, his chuckle grows on you. Unfortunately, his parents have never heard it, both of them being deaf.

With 5 children to take care of, coupled with the loss of hearing, Shyam’s mother, Rekha, has had a hard time taking care of him and his nutritional needs. He was suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrion (SAM) when our field staff discovered him during a door to door screening. Initially Shyam’s parents readily agreed to take him to the nearest Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) after a discussion with our staff. His condition didn’t improve though. Rekha couldn’t completely understand the instructions on feeding practices and sanitation provided at the NRC due to her hearing disability. It took much convincing from our staff and to make them take Shyam to the NRC again and this time they were accompanied by his grandmother as well. Simultaneously, during a home visit, we decided to counsel his grandparents and elder siblings on Shyam’s dietary needs, feeding patterns and sanitation practices.

When Shyam returned from the NRC for the second time, his grandmother made sure to put into practise her learnings from the nurses. At the same time, his grandfather and his 7 year old elder sibling began to keep a track of his meals, made sure he was fed at regular intervals, his surroundings were kept clean and he was bathed every day. We requested his neighbours too to try and keep a check on Shyam’s health. The efforts taken by his family bore fruit and Shyam began to show signs of improvement in a couple of weeks. During his first screening, he was too feeble to stand on his own, Shyam now has gained enough strength to stand on his own and follow your voice if you call out his name. His current MUAC now reads 124mm and very soon he will completely recover from malnutrition.


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