Media Workshop on Nutrition, New Delhi

Media Workshop on Nutrition, New Delhi

Ms. Sharmistha Chakraborty

Group photo of internal stakeholders during the workshop held in New Delhi on 24 th August 2017

Malnutrition is a huge problem with grave repercussions to a country’s future generations. According to the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2016, India ranked 97 amongst 118 countries and 5th amongst the Asian countries with a serious hunger situation. With a 28.5 GHI score, India was below the average of a developing country (21.3). Such high level of childhood malnutrition imposes a huge economic cost. Malnutrition accounted for losses worth at least 8% of global gross domestic product (GDP) in the 20th century because of “direct productivity losses, losses via poorer cognition, and losses via reduced schooling”, according to medical journal The Lancet, which published a special issue on the topic. The losses are higher for high-burden countries such as India.

Shri. Govind Parik, PRO-NHM, Government of Rajasthan, speaks to the participants during the workshop

Malnutrition in India has now emerged as a silent emergency. The double burden of under nutrition and obesity are both adding up to higher investments in the health sector. But it is not just the health sector that should be responsible for health of the citizens. The different ministries and sectors should come together to address the issue. A collective, multi-sectoral approach which covers both prevention and treatment of malnutrition is need of the hour to achieve the WHA targets and SDGs within the specified time period.

In context to the above, we conducted a media outreach workshop on Nutrition in New Delhi on 24th August 2017. The media outreach was highly successful as the workshop was attended by 24 journalists. Journalists from leading media houses such as DD News, The Financial Express, PTI Bhasha, Rajya Sabha TV, The Statesman, Firstpost, The Quint, Indian Express online, ET Healthworld, NDTV online, among others attended the workshop. The media took a lot of inputs on the subject of nutrition, and responded with some excellent reports on it, most notable being Firstpost and The Statesman. Another achievement was that, leading news agency, ANI, filed a report based on the press release and it was flashed on several leading news portals such as Business Standard etc.


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