Action Against Hunger was founded with a simple goal in mind: No more hungry children in India. No more deaths caused by starvation, no more irreversible damage to mental or physical health due to lack of food and water. No more denying our children their basic human right to be free from hunger.

Action Against Hunger was founded with a simple goal in mind: No more hungry children in India.

Over one million children under the age of five die due to malnutrition-related causes in India every year.

In the fiscal year 2015-16, Action Against Hunger has raised a total of Rs. 1,25,08,804 that...



"For prevention of malnutrition in children, we started with Community Based Management of SAM. This programme will continue in coming year also."

Smt. Vasundhra Raje, Chief Minister, Rajasthan (Budget Statement 2016)

"Rajasthan gave a very fantastic model of CMAM (Community based Management of Acute Malnutrition) and definitely ACF – AAH has to be credited for that. As a result now when Rajasthan is planning for Phase – 2 with 16500 children in 20 districts, again ACF will be a big support."

- Shri. Naveen Jain, Mission Director, National Health Mission, Rajasthan

"GAIN and ACF have had a synergistic technical partnership in support of the National Health Mission led POSHAN project in Rajasthan. ACF combines a..."

- Ms. Deepti Gulati, Global Alliance for improved Nutrition (GAIN), India

"The POSHAN program led to a paradigm shift in strengthening the health system at all levels resulting in a sustainable change which will yield results beyond the span of the program."

- Ms. Meeta Mathur, ACF/FHF-India

"They (ACF-FHF) are locally grounded and globally connected. They are working on a micro, meso and macro level in the country."

- Dr. Basanta Kumar Kar, CEO, The Coalition of Food and Nutrition Security, India

"Of the 10,000 children that were enrolled, 9600 were reported recovered. Such scale of the program was possible only because of the partners who actually came forward to join hands with the department of Health and Family Welfare, which were ACF (FHF), GAIN and UNICEF, reaching out to 10000 children, 13 districts, and 41 blocks."

- Meenakshi Singh , UNICEF Jaipaur